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Monday – Saturday
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Gunnar Örn Eggertsson
Owner and CEO

Kristine Tesio
Store Manager

Owners of Filipino Store

Filipino Store ehf was created by husband and wife duo, Fatima Mandia Labitigan a Samarnon native from the Philippines and the Icelandic viking Gunnar Örn Eggertsson.

10 years ago when Fatima moved here in Iceland, she was looking for a Filipino Store but unfortunately she couldn’t find one. Fatima was wondering why there are Asian stores here in Iceland but no Filipino store owned by a Filipino. In fact Filipinos are the largest Asian immigrants here in Iceland. Fatima waited and waited for years but still no one try to open a Filipino Store. Fatima was getting tired of waiting but then one day her husband Gunnar suggested to open our own Filipino Store. At first Fatima was hesitant cause she knows it’s not easy to own or manage a store. Fatima’s husband Gunnar just finished his bookkeeping course and it had always been his dream to open his own store. It took some time for Gunnar to convince Fatima about the idea in owning a Filipino Store. At the end Fatima realized that if they open a Filipino Store it will be hitting two birds in one stone. Fulfilling her dream to have a Filipino Store here in Iceland as well as turning her husband’s dream of being a store owner into a reality. The store is located at Langirimi 21-23 in Grafarvogur and was open 26.April 2022. Gunnar is the CEO and runs the day to day business and Fatima works full time as a nurse in Landspítalinn.